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We, at the Academy, always encourage two-way communication between the Academy and our parents and subscribe to an open-door policy, in which parents are always welcome to contact us. A child’s homelife impacts their schooling and at times, you as parents, might not realise the impact, such as moving to a new house or the loss of a pet, may have on a child. As teachers, if we are notified of the situation, we are then able to play a greater emotional and supportive role.   

In addition to updating parents via the more traditional communication channels such as newsletters, parents’ evenings, one-on-one meetings, we also make use of the D6 Communicator App, as well as WhatsApp groups and Facebook.

D6 Communicator App

To view the latest up-to-date news from the Academy, we encourage all parents to download the D6 Communicator App. By downloading the Application, you’ll have access to the latest information, including announcements, important calendar dates, access to useful resources, etc. at the touch of a button via your mobile.