Shangri-La Academy

About Us

Welcome to Shangri-La Academy
Small School – Big Difference

Our Mission

Our Academy badge depicts the Tree of Knowledge, with our motto: Knowledge is Life. Our pupils can be seen as young, vulnerable saplings, for whom we, as an Academy, endeavour to provide a safe and secure environment so that they can mature and grow into strong independent leaders in our society.

We emphasise a culture of excellence in a friendly and hospitable atmosphere, where class sizes are maintained at a level where each child can excel. Our dedicated staff are committed to making themselves available to support and nurture each and every child.

As our pupils will one day take their rightful place in society, we encourage competition without losing sight of the spirit of co-operation and sportsmanship amongst one another.

Our pupils will, as young adults, fulfil their dreams and ambitions of excellence, thus fulfilling our dreams of excellence for them.

Christo Centric Ethos

Shangri-La Academy is not affiliated to any particular Religious Denomination, and provisions are made to accommodate all religions.

The nature of the self-discipline that we emulate is based on the teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ, with regular Bible Education classes in the Foundation Phase and each assembly commencing with a Bible reading and prayer.

Academic Successes

Our Matriculants write the Senior Certificate of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB), with the Academy achieving a 100% pass rate since inception.

Added to this are numerous distinctions and accolades achieved by our pupils.

Our pupils who enter Higher Education Institutions have and continue to excel, attesting to the solid grounding received at the Academy.


The Academy has and continues to remain at the “cutting edge” of development in curricular and extra-curricular matters by constantly upgrading the facilities.

Facilities available and on offer, include:

  • 2 fully equipped Computer Centres
  • Dedicated Science and Biology laboratories
  • Multi-Sports Facility
  • A Media Centre
  • Aftercare Facilities
  • Onsite Educational Therapy

In addition to the above, we offer numerous sporting activities, which include soccer, netball, cricket, softball, golf etc. as well as a variety of cultural activities such as chess, choir, dancing etc.