Shangri-La Academy

Multi-Purpose Sports Facility

Multi-Purpose Sports Facility

In 2019, ground was broken to make way for our brand-new state-of-the-art sports facility, enabling the Academy to host numerous tournaments and sporting events, including tennis, netball, 6 a-side soccer and hockey. In addition, 4 coaching cricket net areas have been permanently erected. 

The sports facility is also home to Euro Soccer Schools, who use the premises on Saturday mornings to train aspiring young soccer players.

The new facility boasts the following features:

 Astro-turf Surfaces

Each court has been fully fitted with durable long-lasting astro-turf, providing quality level playing surfaces all year-round. The court perimeters are fenced in, similar to that of a tennis court, minimizing the chances of a spectator being hit by a stray ball.

Extended Play

To facilitate evening tournaments, the facility is fitted with strategically placed artificial lighting as well as with electronic scoreboards.


An elevated clubhouse provides full 180-degree views of the courts, ensuring maximum pleasure and enjoyment for spectators. Ample seating is available throughout the clubhouse, which houses an outdoor shaded balcony area as well as an indoor area for those colder days. Inside the clubhouse there is a kitchenette area, as well as a TV and couches.