Shangri-La Academy

Board Of Governors

In line with Corporate Governance, a committee known as the Board of Governors provides strategic guidance and support to the Academy. The Board of Governors comprises of current and past parents who are voluntarily elected, as well as the Heads of the Academy.  The Board meets once a term to discuss various agenda items as well as review any policies that need to be updated.

  Portfolio Bus No. Cell No. E-mail Address
Mr. T Venn  Chairman   083-675-0281
Mrs. S Pozyn CEO 011-391-1419 
Mr. V Rorich Executive Head 011-391-1419
Mr. M Rorich Principal: Prep School 011-391-1419

Mr. S Jones Principal: Sec. School 011-391-1419
Mrs. D Lang Secretary 011 391 1419

Mrs. J Baleta Buildings and Grounds   083 290 1061
Mrs. R Leeuw Parent Liaison and Communication   083 632 1888

Shaun Pozyn PR & Marketing   082 891 4384
Mr. D Spohr Legal Advisor   072 971 4977
Mr. C Lourens Past pupil/ Technology Advancement   082 082 3508